Guided kayak trip in the winter

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Our experienced guides takes you out on a trip on the beautiful lake named Årdalsvatnet. Out on the water you can enjoy the majestic mountain views while experiencing kayaking on crystal clear water from the glaciers of Jotunheimen. On this kayak trip you will learn the basic skills needed to paddle in a safe way and learn about our local and cultural history. During this adventure we take our time to really take in the sights and we make sure to camp and have lunch by the lake side. We also offer a similar kayak trip on the Sognefjord. Winterpaddling is an experience for the books!

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Wear warm clothes underneath our drysuites! Wear a warm hat that cover your ears. Duration: 3-4 hours. Difficulty: Moderate.


  • Winterpaddling
  • Kayaking during winter
  • Special experience


  1. Øvre Årdal (NO)
  2. Årdalsvatnet